ADVERTISING FEATURE: Insight into the workforce

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MEETING PLACE: The expo provides a unique opportunity for visitors to speak face-to-face with a variety of organisations.Career Links will host The Newcastle Lake Macquarie Career & Training Expo on Thursday, May 18 at the Newcastle Jockey Club.

IDEAS EXPOSURE: The Expo is a fantastic one-stop environment for students to discuss available career and training options with potential employers.

The Career & Training Expo is the largest event of its kind in the region, attracting over 145 local and interstate exhibitors, including 32 universities and 27 colleges, from leading education and training providers to some of the Hunter’s largest employers.

Over 4000 students will be attending on the day from all school sectors across the region.

FUTURE BECKONS: There are exhibitors from a vast array of career fields and further training providers making the expo an event not to be missed by students.

New in 2017 is the Industry Pavilion. Career Links in conjunction with RDA Hunter ME program, have invited a number of high skill industries to attend the Expo so they can highlight the current skill requirements and the potential skill base for future positions.

Students will be able to get an insight into the workforce of the future from industries that are leaders in their sectors.

The Newcastle Lake Macquarie Career & Training Expo is open to parents and community members from 1pm till 3pm.

Entry is $5 per person.

Students that attend the Expo with their school are able to return at no charge as long as they are still wearing their wrist band.

With the addition of the Industry pavilion and the increased education sector exhibitors, this year’s Expo will be the biggest presented.

The major sponsors for 2017 are The University of Newcastle and Hunter TAFE.

Their support of the event along with supporting partners Defence Force Recruitment, Avondale College, Noverskill and the Department of Education ensures Career Links are able to successfully present an expanded Expo each year.

Career LinksCareer Links was established in 2000 to service the youth of the region.

They are a not-for-profit organisation providing a range of programs and services which connect young people with business, education, community and families, enabling themto transition from school to employment.

This transition is a critical point in development and without targeted support students risk of becoming an unemployment statistic.

Other programs Career Links alsooffers include the Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) program and Indigenous Advancement Strategy.

SWL coordinates Vocational Education and Training (VET) work placements with businesses for students completing a VET course as part of their mandatory HSC qualifications.

For further information regarding Career Links visit For further information on the Career Expo visit www.newcastlecareerexpo苏州夜网.au or contact 02 4967 1050.

Ballantyne, Hill set to bolster Freo as Eagles wait on Petrie

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Fremantle will decide this week whether dashing midfielder Stephen Hill resumes from injury in Sunday’s home clash with Carlton.

The revitalised Dockers sit on the brink of the top eight with five wins from their last six engagements and emerged from Sunday’s show-stopping, last-kick, two-point victory over Richmond in Melbourne without further injuries.

Dangerous Dockers small forward Hayden Ballantyne is also set for a return to full training in a determined bid to play for his future and a potential contract extension before the end of the season.

And West Coast big man Drew Petrie is in for a recall ahead of schedule from broken bones in his left hand.

Petrie, 34, will be considered for a direct recall into the Eagles outfit for a road trip to confront Essendon at Etihad Stadium but could also return through alignment club East Perth.

He has missed seven weeks from surgery to implant plates and screws into his hand after snapping bones in his West Coast debut against old outfit North Melbourne in round one.

Petrie declared himself set for a return after resuming training last week.

He had been on the brink of playing in Friday night’s blockbuster with reigning premiers Western Bulldogs.

Petrie could resume at East Perth to regain important ball-handling touch after impressive outings from stand-in ruck pair Nathan Vardy and Fraser McInnes in the Eagles gutsy eight-point win over the Dogs.

“It’s always hard to press for a spot after missing seven games and also after a win,” Petrie told Fox Footy.

“I’ll be more than happy to pull on an East Perth jumper.”

Petrie seems more logically headed back to action at WAFL level and possibly resume as West Coast need important taller back-up for a shootout with glamour outfit Greater Western Sydney in Perth on Sunday-week.

Hill, 27, will have been out of action for 29 days recovering from a hamstring strain when the Dockers host the Blues on Sunday.

He broke down early into the last term of Fremantle’s stirring come-from-behind win over North Melbourne in Perth late last month.

Hill’s return will add substantial firepower to an in-form and imposing midfield with his brother Brad, star play-maker Nathan Fyfe, Lachie Neale, David Mundy and Michael Walters all in startling recent form.

A decision from Dockers coach Ross Lyon and his medical staff will be whether to recall the dynamic line-breaker or hold Hill back for a big occasion outing against premiership fancies Adelaide a week later on the road.

Ballantyne, 29, seems more likely to return through Dockers partner unit Peel Thunder later this month.

A complication to Ballantyne’s return hopes is a WAFL general bye in a fortnight when Western plays Victoria in Melbourne.

Ballantyne snapped his hamstring tendon in the final pre-season match two months ago and had initially been expected to miss up to 12 weeks.

The 2014 All-n pocket dynamo seems highly unlikely to get a succession of WAFL games to press for a recall to the Dockers starting forward line ahead of Fremantle’s round 13 bye, which would more logically complete his full three month recovery to resume at the highest level.

Centenary of the Great War

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BREATHER: n lighthorse troopers having a break from patrolling. Picture: The Digger’s View by Juan Mahony.

Newcastle Morning Herald transcriptions and Hunter Valley enlistment and death details for14-20 May 1917.

BULLECOURT FIRMLY HELDField-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, the British Commandant on the west front, reports:-

“On Sunday morning we repulsed two enemy counter-attacks upon our positions in the Hindenburg line eastward of Bullecourt.

The ns for the past ten days have gallantly maintained their positions in this sector, repelling at least twelve determined counter-attacks.

We hold the greater part of Bullecourt. We yesterday established ourselves in the western houses of Roeux, and again progressed on the western slopes of Greenland Hill.

We destroyed six German aeroplanes and drove down five uncontrolled. Six of ours are missing.

BULLECOURT CAPTUREDField-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, the British Commandant on the West Front, reports:-

“We completed the capture of Bullecourt on Thursday, and took 60 prisoners.

A previous report stated:- “There was night fighting at Bullecourt. We made further progress through the village and reached the western edge.

The “Petit Parisien’s” correspondent says that there were startling fluctuations on Wednesday on the British front.

The fighting went on without truce and mercilessly in and around Bullecourt. One of the German counter-attacks reached part of the southern line, and 250 Germans, drunk with fury, jumped into the trench yelling “Victory!” Suddenly the scene changed. While part of the ns were falling back and keeping the enemy at bay, yet drawing them further on, another body of Dominion troops hurled themselves boldly from beyond the trench and turned the assaulters’ flank.

Then the retreating ns charged, while a copious barrage prevented the Germans intervening from Reincourt. The implacable melee ended only when the last of the enemy had fallen. Two hundred were left dead, while the remaining 50 were pulverised while fleeing through the British barrage.

AUSTRALIAN CASUALTIESTwo lists of casualties, Nos. 299 and 300 were issued Friday night. They contain 1803 names, and include 316 killed in action, 16 died of wounds, and six died of other causes. There are 397 reported wounded, 1096 missing, 27 sick, three injured, and two prisoners of war.

OVER AGE SOLDIERSSenator Pearce, the Minister for Defence, stated Monday that he had telegraphed the Imperial war authorities, to know whether men between 45 and 50 years of age would be accepted for active service, provided that they are in good health, and of exceptional physique.

AUSTRALIAN HORSES IN EGYPTSenator Pearce, the Minister for Defence, made available today the following extracts from a letter received from Major-General Sir Harry Chauvel, the G.O.C. Anzac Mounted Division, Egypt:- “With regard to the horses you have sent over here, I think I am in a position to express an opinion, as so many thousands have passed under my ken one way and another; and all I can say is, I have never ceased wondering how has continued to produce such a splendid lot of horses. The work they have been called upon to perform in the last 12 months has been most strenuous, what with brackish water, sometimes short rations, heavy weights, always the softest sand (which is more often than not steeply undulating), and long hours without water; and their endurance and recuperative powers have been beyond all expectations.

“During the fighting at Romani, in the hottest month of the year, the horses of one regiment were without water for 52 hours. During the raid in Mazar in September, some of the horses were without water for 30 hours, under the saddle all the time, and did 40 odd miles; and during the raid on Maghdaba in December most of them were without water for 36 hours, having done nearly 50 miles, and been under the saddle all the time. In all these operations we have had a very few die of absolute exhaustion. As a general rule we have got a very good lot. I only once had an occasion to refuse to accept any horses from remounts, and these were issued to the New Zealand Brigade, and were, I think, returns from hospital. The scale and quality of forage are better than in any previous campaign, and the system of evacuation and treatment of sick is most excellent, though perhaps somewhat expensive, and the actual losses in horses other than from wounds have not, I think, been great.”

He saw the horses forwarded in recent shipments and adds: “They were all excellent horses, and they arrived in good condition.”

A SOLDIER’S LETTERCorporal W. J. Cram, of Hamilton, who, with his father, enlisted some months ago, writes from London:- “We are both in excellent health, and are doing well. We are having fine weather now — the snow has all gone, and the sun is beginning to make itself felt for the first time since we arrived here, and that is just two months ago. I do not expect to be sent to France for another two months yet. I was sent to a school for N.C.O.’s to be put through a course on the Lewis automatic gun. I passed as a corporal, and have been warned to be ready at any time to go to a higher school at Tidworth, 20 miles from where I am now camped. Will put in the next two months there. We are having plenty of drill now, the programme for the day consisting of bomb throwing and doubling round the parade ground with gas helmets on. This parade generally ends up with plenty of fun. Some of the boys do not understand the way to breathe with one on, and the result is they are red and blue in the face, and can hardly stand up. Musketry is the next parade, then dinner — not a bad parade at all — puddings every day. In the afternoon, platoon drill, bayonet fighting, and bombing lectures, and at night miniature range practice. The doctors here are very strict as to whom they pass for France. Some of the boys who stoked nearly all the way over have been turned down. It is said that all men past 43 are to do six months’ home service, and then be sent back to . We had a good time in London on leave. The ns are very popular there.”

NEWCASTLE RECRUITINGRecruiting Headquarters, Newcastle, have been officially notified to raise a special bantam reinforcement unit of 150 recruits, whose height ranges from 5 feet to 5 feet 2 inches. It is expected that this will be a popular unit, and will fill quickly.

DISTRICT CASUALTIESPrivate Shilling. – Mrs. G. S. Shilling, of Frederick-street, Merewether, has been notified that her husband, Private G. S. (Jack) Shilling has been wounded.

LIEUTENANT VARLEYMrs. G. H. Varley, of Gordon-avenue, Hamilton, has been notified that Lieutenant A. S. Varley was transferred to the First Eastern General Hospital, Cambridge, England, suffering from severe gunshot wounds in face, hand and leg, accidentally caused.

35TH BATTALION FUNDThe whole-hearted and consistent way in which the supporters of the 35th Battalion Comforts Fund have worked was shown in the report of the year’s operations presented at the first annual meeting, held yesterday afternoon at the depot at Scott’s Limited. Mrs. Brent B. Rodd, president, occupied the chair, and there was a very large attendance. Mr. R. G. Shea apologised for the unavoidable absence of Mr. W. Scott, who, Mr. Shea said, was very pleased not only with the work that had been done, but with the manner in which it had been performed.

In the military committee’s report, presented by Mr. H. G. Morgan, treasurer, and citizens’ secretary, a letter was embodied from Major Rodd, in which he acknowledged receipt of cases, notified by the secretary from time to time, and thanks were expressed to the members of the fund for the gifts forwarded. In the same letter Major Rodd also gave an account of the receipts and expenditure of the military committee at the front.

Miss G. J. Short, the honorary secretary, in her report said:- “If the general public could find time and interest to step out of the lift into the top floor of Messrs. Scott’s Limited to the 35th Battalion depot on Monday and Thursday afternoons of each week, they would see from 25 to 30 ladies at work, and in addition a steady stream of women and girls coming and going all the time. Too much appreciation could not be given to the staunch band of regular workers at home and at the depot, who had kept things going from the start. Another branch of valuable helpers did steady work in their own homes, while groups and societies of women and girls worked in the district and suburbs in conjunction with the comforts fund, making up cut-out garments and knitting from wool supplied. It was an interesting fact that the youngest knitter was a girl seven years old and the oldest a man of 76 years. How did the soldiers themselves regard the work of the fund? One sentence written by a private on active service was sufficient:- “We always know we have something to fight for when we receive such fine gifts from such fine friends. We will never be able to repay you for all your kindness and your great work.”

A summary of the made articles sent away from the depot to the front to March 31st comprised the following:- 2277 pairs of socks, 1000 balaclava caps; 986 flannel shirts, 863 pairs of mittens, 630 pairs of underpants, 84 blanket vests, 916 handkerchiefs, 125 silk shirts, 100 washers, 263 pairs of calico shorts. Since the committee had been in office (May, 1916) they had sent from the depot 240 cases totalling in value £2035. That was inclusive of Christmas cheer (£299 5s 6d), and that did not include private parcels. In addition 10 cases of tobacco had been sent through Messrs. H. and O. Wills, of Sydney, for Christmas and Easter valued at £73. The reinforcements were not forgotten. A supply of’ tobacco, games, literature, and foods for on board ship had also been sent. Battalion flags were donated to the various reinforcements by the ladies of the Comforts Fund and by Mr. W. Scott. An organised effort was started in July and August to provide Christmas cheer for “Newcastle’s Own.” During the Christmas season spent in France, the battalion received 130 cases, valued at £540. From their many friends in Newcastle, the northern district, and Sydney, they received 495 Christmas puddings, 308 cakes, 1040 war chest boxes, five cases of n tobacco and cigarettes, and private and individual parcels.

ADAMSTOWNA company of cadets put in some musketry shooting at Adamstown range on Saturday. Evidently their windage was at fault, as the target shed on the right of the range bears several bullet marks, and the tank was perforated sufficiently by bullets to let the water out.

ENLISTMENTSLeonard Appleyard, Tighes Hill; Roland Thomas Bond, Newcastle; Leslie Carlton, Greta; William Cumming, Singleton; Thomas Meicklejohn Dickson, Scone; Vincent Donald Douglas, Cooks Hill; Dorothy Mary Feneley, West Maitland; Samuel John Hunt, Merriwa; Norman Betteloy Jefferson, Newcastle; Frank Burton Perks, Adamstown; Sydney Edward Smith, Cessnock; James Patrick Williams, West Maitland; Cecil Harold Wooden, Newcastle; Roy Yorke, Lorn.

DEATHSPte William Baillie, Cessnock; Pte Herbert George Compton, West Maitland; Pte Edward Bernard Corbett, Singleton; Pte Arthur Crampton, Cardiff; Pte Kenneth Daley, Stroud; Pte Edward Dixon Deas, Islington; Pte Frederick Albert Harris, Wickham; Pte Richard Hill, Aberdare; Pte James Augustus Hughes, Mosquito Island; Bdr William Kelly, Kurri Kurri; Pte James Loos, Upper Rouchel; Pte Robert Paton Lygoe, Hamilton; Pte John McInerney, Hinton; Pte Edward Musgrove, Stockton; Sgt Douglas Laurie Page, Main Creek; Pte Bert Poole, West Maitland; Pte William Roy Purvis, Denman; Pte William Ernest Steadman, Cessnock; Spr Sydney Thoroughgood, West Wallsend; Cpl Charles Russell Tonkin, Mayfield; Pte David Henry White, Dora Creek.

ANALYSIS: No quick fix for Dungog’s ratepayers

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TOUGH JOB: Dungog Council General Manager Craig Deasey, who believes councillors should pursue a merger with Port Stephens Council. Picture: Simone De Peak
SuZhou Night Recruitment

THE question for Dungog ratepayers after Tuesday’s decision to avoid pursuing a merger with Port Stephens at least before the September election is: what happens now?

Well, depends who you ask.

Nancy Knudsenand the other councillors who stuck with their original May 1 motion to avoid the merger expect the council to now begin working on the alternate decision they reached that night.

That is, for the general manager and mayor tobegin negotiations with Maitland, Port Stephens, the NSW government and the Boundaries Commission.

There’s doubt aboutwhether those options are viable, though. The role of the Boundaries Commission, for example, is to report matters referred to it by the Local Government Minister –and Dungog’s general manager Craig Deasey told theNewcastle Heraldon Wednesday that he wasn’t yet sure whether it would be possible to execute the motion.

There’s also hope of other financial aid.

The freeze on indexation on financial assistance grants has been lifted, and Port Stephens MP Kate Washington has suggested Hunter Councils are thinking of ways to help Dungog alleviate its $40 million infrastructure backlog.

But it’s not clear how much more money will flow into the council’s coffers as a result of the financial grants, and even Cessnock mayor Bob Pynsent –the head of Hunter Councils –isn’t convinced their plan wouldbe enough.

“I don’t know whether they [Dungog] are saveable if both the general manager and mayor are saying there’s very little that can be done,” he said.

Here’s the reality though: whether Dungog amalgamatesor not, its rates are going up.

Using the mean land value in Dungog of $125,000 as a measure, ananalysis of 2016/17 residential ratesshow a huge discrepancy between Dungog, Maitland and Port Stephens.

In Dungog villagearatepayer coughs up $581, compared to $994 fornon-urban residential areas in Maitland and $785 in Port Stephens.

The tiny village producing AFL stars

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Welcome to Collingullie, where one in every 200 residents become an AFL player.
SuZhou Night Recruitment

When Harry Perryman debuts for the Giants against Richmond on Saturday he’ll become the second Collingullie product to play in the top league, following in the footsteps of GWS teammate Matthew Kennedy.

Perryman, like Kennedy, came through the GWS Academy and was taken with pick No.14 of last year’s National Draft. Adelaide initially selected the youngster who can play through the midfield and off half back, but the Giants matched their bid.

Collingullie is a tiny village on the Sturt Highway, 26 kilometres north-west of Wagga Wagga boasting a school, general store and a pub. Perryman predicted most of its 400 inhabitants would make the trek to Western Sydney for the Tigers clash.

“They’ll probably all be here – they’re pretty keen I think,” he said.

“It’s obviously pretty special, this is always what you want to do, play an AFL game. I can’t wait to run out with the boys on Saturday.

“I always knew it was going to be a hard team to get into, there’s some great players in this side so I’ve just had to put my head down and keep working.”

Perryman will be playing alongside one of his idols, Heath Shaw, a man he watched closely growing up as a Collingwood supporter and the man who acted as his mentor while he was in the academy last season.

“Yes we’ve got a few injuries, but he deserves his spot in the team, it’s great to have him on board and I taught him everything he knows,” Shaw said.

“He’s a natural footballer and that gets lost a little bit these days. Everyone’s looking for the athlete and the guy with the washboard abs who can jump and mark it but Harry, he’s a rugged footballer.

“He reads the ball really well and he’s very skilful and I’m looking forward to playing alongside him on the weekend.

“It’s a basic game and the worst thing you can do when bringing young guys into AFL level is confuse them and give them bucket loads of information.

“We just like to keep it really simple,” Shaw said. “They got drafted for a reason because they can play footy, we just want to use their strengths and mould them into Giants players and that’s what Harry’s done and he’s really shone in the NEAFL under duress with a lot of top players.”

Indian gem stands out as beacon of taste

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A REAL GEM: Sapphire entices passers-by with its exotic aromas. Pictures: Marina Neil Raj has had Indian cuisine cornered, so to speak, in Newcastle for a long, long time. Well, down on the corner of Glebe Road and June Street, Merewether, Sapphire Indian Restaurant definitely has Indian cuisine, um … cornered.
SuZhou Night Recruitment

Find a park somewhere on the streetand enter through the large glass sliding door into a roomy well-lit room humming with the sound of ravenous, in-the-know Novocastrians with an appetite for samosa. The walls are painted in earthy tones and are illuminated by bright down-lights, and droplet shaped chandeliers hung high above white tablecloth covered tables and high-backed, soft (p)leather chairs.

An appetising atmosphere of tangled spice aromas set us grasping for the menu to see what edible treasures await us.

Vegetarians and people with a preference for proper protein are both well catered for in the entree section of the menu. There’s kaju kebab, which is a seasoned pureed potato coated with crushed cashew nuts, and mushroom duplex, which has nothing to do with affordable housing founded on fungi, and everything to do with mushrooms stuffed with potatoes, mint and cottage cheese that’s been battered with spices.

The same goes for the main menu. Here you’ll find seafood dishes, like deep fried black tiger prawns coated in a light and spiced batter, otherwise known as zingha vada, or, daal makhni (v); black lentils with kidney beans cooked slowly overnight for maximum flavour, as well as many variations of chicken, goat, lamb, and beef dishes, plus sides, including a refreshing raita (yoghurt, cumin seeds and black salt), naan breads and roti, and, of course, rice, such as basmati, saffron, and the incredibly aromatic and flavoursome coconut rice, which, in all honesty, has enough compelling flavours to be eaten on its own.

Evidently, it’s hard to decide what to order. Nevertheless, we do our best and start with the mysterious-sounding Chicken 65 and Kaju Kebab for entree, followed by beef biryani and the goat curry for main.

Sapphire is licensed and features a good selection of wines, beer, ciders, spirits, soft drinks, and lassi, including mango, rose, sweet, and salt flavours. It’s BYO too, and we take advantage of this by bringing a bottle of pinot noir from Hawke’s Bay, in New Zealand, which turns out to be perfect for washing down the deep flavours of tonight’s meal.

FULL TABLE: Kaju kebab, goat curry, beef biryani and raita yoghurt

First out is the kaju kebabs. They’re a pleasant surprise in terms of their taste and texture: mildly spicy, herbaceous and sweet, especially when dipped in the accompanying smoky, plum and chilli sauce. Purveyors of ‘hot-wings’ in Newcastle take note; Sapphire’s ‘Chicken 65’ consists of deep fried chunks of exotic spiced chicken, ginger and shallots that is more flavoursome and way more spicy than any hot-wing you’ll eat in this town, presently. I’ve already got my order in for Origin.

However, one note to the chef: save some money and ditch the decorative snow pea shoots. The sliced cucumber’s enough to refresh the palate between bite-sized morsels of both dishes.

As soon as all the mains were on the table we knew we’d over-ordered. Not to worry, because you can take leftovers home, just the same as if you’d ordered take away.

HOUSE-MADE: The pistachio ice cream comes highly recommended.

The beef biryani is a colourful earthy-orange dome of rice that encases chunks of beef seasoned with plenty of complex spices – cardamom, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, to name more than a few.

The goat curry is the favourite of the two mains. Soft bits of deliciously gelatinous goat cling gently to slow-cooked bone that swims in a small balti bowl filled with a rich, earthy and spicy sauce, perfect for dipping crispy bits of roti in later.

We end our evening by sharing a small bowl of house-made pistachio ice cream, initially recommend by our waiter, and now highly recommend by me.

It’s a refreshing way to end a fun and flavoursome meal that’s full of warm, comforting food ideal for the impending winter.

QUICK BITEWhat: Sapphire Indian RestaurantWhere: 367-369 Glebe Rd, MerewetherDrinks: Lassi, Soft Drinks, Beer/Cider, Wine, Spirits, Cocktails, (BYO also)Hours: Dinner: 7 Days 5pm-10pm / Lunch: Sun 12pm-3pmVegetarian: YesBottom Line: $85 for two incl. drinksWheelchair Access: YesDo Try: Chicken 65, pistachio ice cream

ADVERTISING FEATURE: Dealing with dizziness

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COMPREHENSIVE: Newcastle Neurodiagnostics offers high quality neurology tests to help you and your physician arrive at a timely and accurate diagnosis.Vertigo is a sensation that you are moving when you are not. It is often a symptom of an underlying problem with our balance system.
SuZhou Night Recruitment

People with vertigo typically describe it as feeling like they are spinning. It may also be felt as a rocking, tilting, or swaying movement.

Other symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, jerking eye movements, headache, sweating, ringing ears or hearing loss. Anxiety and loss of balance very commonly occur as a result of the vertigo.

A wide range of conditions and diseases can cause vertigo, and according to neurologist Dr Michael Katekar from Newcastle Neurodiagnostics, it is important to determine which,in order to get the appropriate treatment.

“Anxiety disorders, brain disorders, underlying medical conditions like low blood pressure, infection, heart problems and low blood sugar can play a role,” he said. “It is important to see your doctor if you have unexplained dizziness or balance issues, and seek specialised help if necessary.”

Disorders of the inner ear account for about half of all cases of ongoing dizziness. Those disorders include Meniere’s disease, vestibular neuritis and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). BPPV occurs when tiny calcium particles (otoliths) find their way into the semicircular canals of the inner ear.

“BPPV can occur at any age,” Dr Katekar said. “It’s rare in children and young adults but gets more common with age. It can follow a head injury, like coming off a bike or a car accident. Basically, it feels like you are moving when you not. You get an intense spinning sensation, provoked by head movement, especially looking up or bending forward.”

The condition can make people anxious, upset and limit their day-to-day activities, thereby impairing their quality of life. But depending on the cause of the vertigo, relief is available.

Newcastle Neurodiagnostics offers testing to facilitate diagnosis of a wide range of neurological conditions, with a particular interest and expertise in dizziness, and balance disorders. New investigation techniques, many developed in in the last few years, allow very detailed evaluation of the functioning of the inner ear. Accurate diagnosis often leads to effective treatment.

“Our practice is unique in that we have a physiotherapist working on site as part of our team,” Dr Katekar said. “If you have got BPPV there are techniques and manoeuvres – particle repositionings – that can fix it up very quickly. We’re all about getting people fixed up in a timely fashion.

“If the problem is more serious we can recommend and administer appropriate treatments.”

If you would like more information, visit www.newcastleneurodiagnostics苏州夜总会招聘.au or call 02 49423 944.

ADVERTISING FEATURE: Obesity surgery transforms lives

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BEFORE AND AFTER: Gastric sleeve patient Amanda Crowther, left, weighing 215kg in 2015 and now tipping the scales at 98kg.
SuZhou Night Recruitment

The transformative nature of surgery should never be underestimated by those wrestling with the irrational thought processes of obesity.

Sufferers often realise that over-eatingis irrational in itself, that they are lowering their quality of life and quite literally eating themselves to death.

Diets and exercise have often been tried and failed, and yet even whensurgical intervention is appropriate there are irrational fears, according to Dr Tim Wright, from Eastern Surgical Services.

“They fear it won’t work, that it’s high risk, or that they are going to fail, or that they won’t be able to justify the procedure to family and friends,” Dr Wright said.

”All irrational thoughts, because the truth is that when they lose the kilos, they have a completely different life.

“They can do things they never could do before, their self esteem goes through the roof, they say it’s been a life-saver and should have done it sooner.”

Amanda Crowther struggled with her weight all her life and by the time she attended one of Dr Wright’s monthly obesity surgery seminars, she weighed 215kg.

The seminar gave an opportunity to ask questions about what to expect, the risks involved and the likely outcomes.

“Dr Wright’s passion and compassion for those attending was clear,” Amanda said.

“There was no judgement, just a recognition that there was a problem and there was an answer.”

Amanda committed to gastric sleeving. As part of the process, she joined a health fund and embarked on a period of fasting in order to shrink her liver and reduce the chance of complications in surgery.

By the time the keyhole surgery was performed, on May 17, 2016, she weighed155kg. Twelve months down the track on her “sleeve-aversary” she’s tipping the scales at 98kg.

The emotional and physical transformation has been huge and she is literally jumping into her future with enthusiasm.

“I’m being the mum to my kids I never could be before,” she said.

“I can get off the couch now, I’m exercising and when I lose a couple more kilos, I’m going to do sky diving and base jumping.”

The key to commitment for Amanda was the information she got about the procedure at Dr Wright’s seminars.

”Having the surgery is not cheating,” Amandasays of yet another irrational fear regarding the procedure. “It has been lifesaving and I am so pleased I had it.”

Dr Wright urges anyone like Amanda to come along to one of his seminars and get informed.

“The fact is if you are in a health fund, then for the cost of a cheap second hand car you can achieve long term results you might have thought were beyond you,” Dr Wright said.

“And it is possible you can claim all out of pocket expenses back from your super fund.”

Keen to pass on the benefit of her experience, Amanda will be the guest speaker at the next seminar, at Rutherford Bowling Club, on May 24.

If you would like more information, ring Eastern Surgical Services on4032 8777.

Business feature: It’s a clean sweep at Jim’s

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Spick and Span: The Jim’s team regularly tackle all household cleans, whether they be one off jobs or regular bookings.Staying on top of cleaning tasks either at home or work can often slip down the priority list as day to day life sucks up the hours and time poor families juggle various commitments throughout the week.
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Team: The Jim’s Cleaning group is a network of dedicated professionals, all committed to quality service.

Jim’s Cleaning Group has been helping families and businesses across the nation since 1996 via its network of franchisees, all enjoying the benefits of running their own business, supported by the Jim’s brand.

As the second largest division after the Mowing side of the business, Jim’s Cleaning is in high demand and welcomes enquiry from those ready to take up the reigns of a new franchise opportunity.

Scott Mounter is Franchisor of Jim’s Cleaning for the Hunter Region and services both domestic and commercial clients throughout the Upper Hunter to Port Stephens and down to the Central Coast.

Scott says that the beauty of owning a Jim’s franchise is in the freedom it gives people to run their own hours according their individual needs.

“We offer carpet cleaning, pressure cleaning and window cleaning along with general cleaning services to both homes and businesses. Franchisees can choose how they run their week and really stay in control of how big they want the business to become, so it fits their own life,” says Scott.

With the power of its trusted reputation and a fast reliable service, Jim’s cleaning can cater to a range of cleaning tasks, from regular weekly cleaning to carpet cleaning or one-off vacate cleans for those leaving leased accommodation or commercial premises.

From windows to blinds, cars to kitchens, carpets to driveways, and factory floors to office floors this award winning company does it all.

“Our entire network of franchisees strive to maintain consistently excellent standards, from the uniforms we all wear to the high standard of work we deliver,” he added.

So whether you’re in search of someone to take the cleaning load off your week, or looking for a business opportunity, Jim’s Cleaning could have the solution for you.

With its commitment to providing franchisees with a guaranteed amount of weekly work, regular meetings to keep you connected with fellow franchisees and a comprehensive training program to get you up and running, joining the Jim’s Cleaning team provides plenty of reward.

“It’s entirely up to the individual how big they want the business to grow. Some have grown to employ staff, while others are happy keep it small and havebalance.”

If you are interested in joining the Jim’s Cleaning Group or would like to discuss how the team can help with cleaning tasks around your home or office then contact 131 546 for more information.

Detail: All aspects of your home are cleaned with attention to detail.

Are you getting paid enough? How much do people in your job earn?

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Have you ever felt underpaid? Do you wonder if the person sitting next to you is being paid more to do the same job?
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What about people in other jobs? Would you earn more if you changed careers?

Using our interactive, you can get the answers to all these questions.

The data is from the Tax Office and is based on income information for the 2014/15 financial year.

The ATO has divided up the paid work we do into 1199 job types, taking in everything from abattoir workers (who earn $39,748 on average) to zookeepers (who earn $45,866 on average).

Brain surgery is easily the highest-paid profession with neurosurgeons takinghome$520,755 on average a year. They earn more in a fortnight than the average fast-food cook takes home in a year.

At the other end of the spectrum, the lowest paid occupation is fruit or nut picking, for which you can expect to earn about $16,000 per year.

Using the interactive, you can see the income for all sorts of occupations.

Baristas earn $23,413 on average, private investigators earn $63,336, lawyers $119,891 and race car drivers $79,307. There are also five men whose occupation is listed as “bungee jumping master”, who earn $44,583 on average.

Some jobs that do not require tertiary qualifications (but are nonetheless highly-skilled) earn in the region of six figures – oil rig workers, crane operators and train drivers all earned more than $100,000 a year on average in 2014/15.

The average oil rig worker, for example,earned more than a typical financial adviser or meteorologist, but less than a school principalor a general manager.

But some jobs that take five or more years of tertiary study do not pay as much on average as you might expect. Osteopaths earn about $60,000 on average, physiotherapists $63,000 and architects $83,000.

Men tend to earn more than women for most jobs, and in some cases the gender gap is vast. ‘s 275 professional male cricketers earn almost $250,000 a year on average. As for our 33 female cricketers, they take home an average of $30,000 a year.

However, the data does not differentiate between full-time, part-time and casual workers, so some jobs may appear lower-paying than they actually are because they are not typically undertaken by people who work full-time.

On the flipside, the high flyers in some professions can push up the average well above what you could realistically expect to earn. To go back to the example of male cricketers – half of them are earning less than $88,372 a year. The average is pushed up to $250,000 because the most elite cricketers can command much higher salaries.

Finally, there are about three million people missing from the n Taxation Office figures – more than 2.5 million people left their job blank when filling in their tax forms and a further 500,000 were in a line of work that does not fit neatly into one of the tax office’s categories.

For example, there is no job code for rocket scientists, so we have no way of knowing if they earn more than brain surgeons.

Mark RothfieldDazzling lineup at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

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WORLD FIRST: The Kawasaki SX-R 1500, the world’s first four-stroke stand-up and winner of the recent n national titles is expected to be a big hit at the Boat Show.THERE will be more toys than boys at next week’s 29th Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, ranging from wake boats and personal watercraft to the latest gear and gadgets.
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Many of the leading performance and recreational water-sports brands are displaying new models with price tags appealing to both entry-level and adventure-seeking buyers.

“Stand-up paddle boards are well represented in all forms, as are RIBs and ski boats, superyacht toys and jet skis – all in one place,” exhibition manager Dominic O’Brien says.

Yamaha will present two new 2017 models among its line-up of nine WaveRunners that are already creating an international buzz. There’s the family-oriented EX Series and the much-anticipated launch of the GP1800, a supercharged model for race enthusiasts.

New from Kawasaki is the SX-R 1500, the world’s first four-stroke stand-up and winner of the recent n national titles. Sporting a 1.5-litre engine, it’s hailed as “the fastest accelerating, mass-produced stand-up jet ski ever”.

Jetski World director John Moyle adds: “It’s the latest thing from Kawasaki and there’s nothing like it on the market. It’s fast, easy to ride and designed for people to learn to ride a pole ski easily.”

From Sea-Doo comes the latest Spark Trixx – specifically designed for “pulling off tricks” like never before.

Seabob Jet , meanwhile, will have the F5s this year – arguably the ultimate aquatic toy with lithium ion battery technology that produces 680Nm of torque and 4 kilowatts of power.It glides along at up to 20 km/h underwater but has a factory setting that shuts the engine off below a depth of 2.5 metres or if the rider lets go. You can tweak the depth to a maximum of 40 metres if inclined.

For affordable and fun family sailing, Henshaw Yachting is presenting the TIWAL 3.2 inflatable sailing dinghy. This nifty little boat is stable, comfortable and performs as well as a hard dinghy.

FAMILY FUN: The TIWAL 3.2 is an inflatable dinghy that weighs just 50 kilograms and packs up into two storage bags.

The TIWAL can take an adult and two children or two adults, weighs just 50 kilograms and comes in two storage bags – one for the hull and one for the structure and sail. It has a wide vee-shaped underbody to provide stability, while a sabre-shaped daggerboard and boom-less sail help with upwind ability and tacking.

Speaking of inflatables, Walker Bay will be offering a range of tenders, sailboats and water-sports accessories. Its most popular products include Airis kayaks, which inflate in around 10 minutes, and Airis stand-up paddleboards.

There’s also the Walker Bay rigid dinghy, an evergreen yacht tender that doubles as a sailing dinghy for kids.

RIB Force Inflatables will have 40 boats on display, mostly AB and Aurora boats covering fishing, sports and tender roles. The AB range is the number one brand in the US and first preference of the Caribbean superyacht fleet, with the larger models rated for 50 nautical miles offshore.

Whitewater Marine willdisplaythe premium Tigé wake-board and wake-surfing boats, boasting the latest technology and accessories.

Tickets are on sale at sanctuarycoveboatshow苏州夜总会招聘.au

John Laws hits back at 2DayFM host Em Rusciano

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Radio veteran John Laws has hit back, in a private letter, at 2Day FM host Em Rusciano’s criticism of his earlier comments about female co-workers.
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Rusciano read the letter from Laws live on air on her show, Em Rusciano Show with Harley Breen, on Wednesday morning.

The letter ended “P.S. By the way, who are you?”

During an interview with Steve Price on The Project on Monday, Laws, who now broadcasts on 2SM, said he liked his female co-workers to “look feminine”.

Rusciano roasted Laws on her show on Tuesday, calling him an “irrelevant, sexist, misogynist idiot”.

On Tuesday, she told Fairfax Media: “In 2017, the fact a broadcaster could sit on national television and unashamedly pronounce that all the women in his office wear short skirts and he liked to look at them [is infuriating].”

During her on-air smackdown, Rusciano referred to Laws, 81, as a “glamorous corpse” and offered to appear as a guest on his show, saying she would turn up in a “three-piece suit and smoke a cigar”.

Laws turned down the invitation in his typed letter, which Rusciano also posted on Facebook.

“M (I hope I have spelt that correctly),” his letter began.

“I have been told about the phone call from your very charming producer Kim but I don’t know what you want.

“I can tell you what I don’t want, and that is to have some strange woman who I don’t know and probably don’t want to know, wander into my studio in a three-piece suit and smoking a cigar.

“Dear dear dear, you are a funny little person,” the letter continued.

“I don’t know what the future holds for you, but I do know it won’t include a so-called ‘irrelevant, sexist, misogynist idiot who shouldn’t be on air’.”

The letter, as Rusciano gleefully explained, was signed by Laws in green texta.

Rusciano was thrilled with Laws’ response.

“This is the most amazing letter I’ve ever received … I’m gonna be pen pals with John Laws, this is so exciting,” she joked, before extending an olive branch to the host.

“You are welcome on this show anytime,” she said, even offering Laws a job covering their gossip segment.

“But only if you wear a skirt,” Breen added.

Wil Anderson on how to find humour in a post-truth world

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ON THE BALL: Wil Anderson is bringing his Critically Wil show to Nelson Bay on June 2 and Belmont 16s on June 3. Tickets at proticket苏州夜总会招聘.au.
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Finding humour in a “post truth” world where politicians write their own scriptsis challengingbut Wil Anderson has a formula.

It involves a little critical thinking.

“We have come to the point where we had Tony Abbottand now we have Donald Trump and it’s become ridiculous to the point where you’re like well, how can I make this funnier?,” Andersonasks Weekender.

“I mean, theleader of the free world said climate change was a plot by the Chinese to take over the world. He actually said that out loud. How do you make that funnier or more ridiculous?

“So that was one of the issues I faced with this show. I needed to talk about the world of Trump but I didn’t want to talk about Trump. For me it was about moving away from talking about personalities. It’s a bigger challenge but it leads to much more rewarding material.”

Andersonavoids mentioning politicians’ names in a show he describes as “incredibly political” and instead, talks about issues joke-worthy politicians are for and against.

“Imade that choice becausesome have now become so ridiculous and so unhinged to facts and reality that playing them in their environment was counterproductive to comedy,” he explains.

“For example,rather than me talking about how Pauline Hanson is an idiot because she doesn’t believe in vaccines, insteadwrite a routine about why I think people don’t believe about vaccines. Believe me, anti-vaxxers get a good run in my show.”

Anderson doesn’t set out to offend. And if his comedy is in any wayprovocative, the intention is to provoke thought and discussion rather than anger.

“I’m the sort of person who can read all the reviews and all the online comments,” Anderson explains.

“I’m aware that some of the things I say do shock and offend people but I never sit down to write thinking that I want to shock and offend people. I’m just saying what I think and not everyone agrees.”

Anderson has a list of puns based on his name and chooses one at random, months before writing his routine,to be the title of an upcoming tour. Critically Wil, funnily enough,ended up being spot on.

“The show is critical. We’ve gottento a point where we are believing what we want to believe rather than relying on facts. This is a post-truth, alternative-facts world,” he explains.

Wil AndersonCatch Wil Anderson at Nelson Bay Diggers on June 2 andBelmont 16s on June 3.