ADVERTISING FEATURE: Insight into the workforce

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MEETING PLACE: The expo provides a unique opportunity for visitors to speak face-to-face with a variety of organisations.Career Links will host The Newcastle Lake Macquarie Career & Training Expo on Thursday, May 18 at the Newcastle Jockey Club.

IDEAS EXPOSURE: The Expo is a fantastic one-stop environment for students to discuss available career and training options with potential employers.

The Career & Training Expo is the largest event of its kind in the region, attracting over 145 local and interstate exhibitors, including 32 universities and 27 colleges, from leading education and training providers to some of the Hunter’s largest employers.

Over 4000 students will be attending on the day from all school sectors across the region.

FUTURE BECKONS: There are exhibitors from a vast array of career fields and further training providers making the expo an event not to be missed by students.

New in 2017 is the Industry Pavilion. Career Links in conjunction with RDA Hunter ME program, have invited a number of high skill industries to attend the Expo so they can highlight the current skill requirements and the potential skill base for future positions.

Students will be able to get an insight into the workforce of the future from industries that are leaders in their sectors.

The Newcastle Lake Macquarie Career & Training Expo is open to parents and community members from 1pm till 3pm.

Entry is $5 per person.

Students that attend the Expo with their school are able to return at no charge as long as they are still wearing their wrist band.

With the addition of the Industry pavilion and the increased education sector exhibitors, this year’s Expo will be the biggest presented.

The major sponsors for 2017 are The University of Newcastle and Hunter TAFE.

Their support of the event along with supporting partners Defence Force Recruitment, Avondale College, Noverskill and the Department of Education ensures Career Links are able to successfully present an expanded Expo each year.

Career LinksCareer Links was established in 2000 to service the youth of the region.

They are a not-for-profit organisation providing a range of programs and services which connect young people with business, education, community and families, enabling themto transition from school to employment.

This transition is a critical point in development and without targeted support students risk of becoming an unemployment statistic.

Other programs Career Links alsooffers include the Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) program and Indigenous Advancement Strategy.

SWL coordinates Vocational Education and Training (VET) work placements with businesses for students completing a VET course as part of their mandatory HSC qualifications.

For further information regarding Career Links visit For further information on the Career Expo visit www.newcastlecareerexpo成都夜网.au or contact 02 4967 1050.

Ballantyne, Hill set to bolster Freo as Eagles wait on Petrie

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Fremantle will decide this week whether dashing midfielder Stephen Hill resumes from injury in Sunday’s home clash with Carlton.

The revitalised Dockers sit on the brink of the top eight with five wins from their last six engagements and emerged from Sunday’s show-stopping, last-kick, two-point victory over Richmond in Melbourne without further injuries.

Dangerous Dockers small forward Hayden Ballantyne is also set for a return to full training in a determined bid to play for his future and a potential contract extension before the end of the season.

And West Coast big man Drew Petrie is in for a recall ahead of schedule from broken bones in his left hand.

Petrie, 34, will be considered for a direct recall into the Eagles outfit for a road trip to confront Essendon at Etihad Stadium but could also return through alignment club East Perth.

He has missed seven weeks from surgery to implant plates and screws into his hand after snapping bones in his West Coast debut against old outfit North Melbourne in round one.

Petrie declared himself set for a return after resuming training last week.

He had been on the brink of playing in Friday night’s blockbuster with reigning premiers Western Bulldogs.

Petrie could resume at East Perth to regain important ball-handling touch after impressive outings from stand-in ruck pair Nathan Vardy and Fraser McInnes in the Eagles gutsy eight-point win over the Dogs.

“It’s always hard to press for a spot after missing seven games and also after a win,” Petrie told Fox Footy.

“I’ll be more than happy to pull on an East Perth jumper.”

Petrie seems more logically headed back to action at WAFL level and possibly resume as West Coast need important taller back-up for a shootout with glamour outfit Greater Western Sydney in Perth on Sunday-week.

Hill, 27, will have been out of action for 29 days recovering from a hamstring strain when the Dockers host the Blues on Sunday.

He broke down early into the last term of Fremantle’s stirring come-from-behind win over North Melbourne in Perth late last month.

Hill’s return will add substantial firepower to an in-form and imposing midfield with his brother Brad, star play-maker Nathan Fyfe, Lachie Neale, David Mundy and Michael Walters all in startling recent form.

A decision from Dockers coach Ross Lyon and his medical staff will be whether to recall the dynamic line-breaker or hold Hill back for a big occasion outing against premiership fancies Adelaide a week later on the road.

Ballantyne, 29, seems more likely to return through Dockers partner unit Peel Thunder later this month.

A complication to Ballantyne’s return hopes is a WAFL general bye in a fortnight when Western plays Victoria in Melbourne.

Ballantyne snapped his hamstring tendon in the final pre-season match two months ago and had initially been expected to miss up to 12 weeks.

The 2014 All-n pocket dynamo seems highly unlikely to get a succession of WAFL games to press for a recall to the Dockers starting forward line ahead of Fremantle’s round 13 bye, which would more logically complete his full three month recovery to resume at the highest level.

Centenary of the Great War

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BREATHER: n lighthorse troopers having a break from patrolling. Picture: The Digger’s View by Juan Mahony.

Newcastle Morning Herald transcriptions and Hunter Valley enlistment and death details for14-20 May 1917.

BULLECOURT FIRMLY HELDField-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, the British Commandant on the west front, reports:-

“On Sunday morning we repulsed two enemy counter-attacks upon our positions in the Hindenburg line eastward of Bullecourt.

The ns for the past ten days have gallantly maintained their positions in this sector, repelling at least twelve determined counter-attacks.

We hold the greater part of Bullecourt. We yesterday established ourselves in the western houses of Roeux, and again progressed on the western slopes of Greenland Hill.

We destroyed six German aeroplanes and drove down five uncontrolled. Six of ours are missing.

BULLECOURT CAPTUREDField-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, the British Commandant on the West Front, reports:-

“We completed the capture of Bullecourt on Thursday, and took 60 prisoners.

A previous report stated:- “There was night fighting at Bullecourt. We made further progress through the village and reached the western edge.

The “Petit Parisien’s” correspondent says that there were startling fluctuations on Wednesday on the British front.

The fighting went on without truce and mercilessly in and around Bullecourt. One of the German counter-attacks reached part of the southern line, and 250 Germans, drunk with fury, jumped into the trench yelling “Victory!” Suddenly the scene changed. While part of the ns were falling back and keeping the enemy at bay, yet drawing them further on, another body of Dominion troops hurled themselves boldly from beyond the trench and turned the assaulters’ flank.

Then the retreating ns charged, while a copious barrage prevented the Germans intervening from Reincourt. The implacable melee ended only when the last of the enemy had fallen. Two hundred were left dead, while the remaining 50 were pulverised while fleeing through the British barrage.

AUSTRALIAN CASUALTIESTwo lists of casualties, Nos. 299 and 300 were issued Friday night. They contain 1803 names, and include 316 killed in action, 16 died of wounds, and six died of other causes. There are 397 reported wounded, 1096 missing, 27 sick, three injured, and two prisoners of war.

OVER AGE SOLDIERSSenator Pearce, the Minister for Defence, stated Monday that he had telegraphed the Imperial war authorities, to know whether men between 45 and 50 years of age would be accepted for active service, provided that they are in good health, and of exceptional physique.

AUSTRALIAN HORSES IN EGYPTSenator Pearce, the Minister for Defence, made available today the following extracts from a letter received from Major-General Sir Harry Chauvel, the G.O.C. Anzac Mounted Division, Egypt:- “With regard to the horses you have sent over here, I think I am in a position to express an opinion, as so many thousands have passed under my ken one way and another; and all I can say is, I have never ceased wondering how has continued to produce such a splendid lot of horses. The work they have been called upon to perform in the last 12 months has been most strenuous, what with brackish water, sometimes short rations, heavy weights, always the softest sand (which is more often than not steeply undulating), and long hours without water; and their endurance and recuperative powers have been beyond all expectations.

“During the fighting at Romani, in the hottest month of the year, the horses of one regiment were without water for 52 hours. During the raid in Mazar in September, some of the horses were without water for 30 hours, under the saddle all the time, and did 40 odd miles; and during the raid on Maghdaba in December most of them were without water for 36 hours, having done nearly 50 miles, and been under the saddle all the time. In all these operations we have had a very few die of absolute exhaustion. As a general rule we have got a very good lot. I only once had an occasion to refuse to accept any horses from remounts, and these were issued to the New Zealand Brigade, and were, I think, returns from hospital. The scale and quality of forage are better than in any previous campaign, and the system of evacuation and treatment of sick is most excellent, though perhaps somewhat expensive, and the actual losses in horses other than from wounds have not, I think, been great.”

He saw the horses forwarded in recent shipments and adds: “They were all excellent horses, and they arrived in good condition.”

A SOLDIER’S LETTERCorporal W. J. Cram, of Hamilton, who, with his father, enlisted some months ago, writes from London:- “We are both in excellent health, and are doing well. We are having fine weather now — the snow has all gone, and the sun is beginning to make itself felt for the first time since we arrived here, and that is just two months ago. I do not expect to be sent to France for another two months yet. I was sent to a school for N.C.O.’s to be put through a course on the Lewis automatic gun. I passed as a corporal, and have been warned to be ready at any time to go to a higher school at Tidworth, 20 miles from where I am now camped. Will put in the next two months there. We are having plenty of drill now, the programme for the day consisting of bomb throwing and doubling round the parade ground with gas helmets on. This parade generally ends up with plenty of fun. Some of the boys do not understand the way to breathe with one on, and the result is they are red and blue in the face, and can hardly stand up. Musketry is the next parade, then dinner — not a bad parade at all — puddings every day. In the afternoon, platoon drill, bayonet fighting, and bombing lectures, and at night miniature range practice. The doctors here are very strict as to whom they pass for France. Some of the boys who stoked nearly all the way over have been turned down. It is said that all men past 43 are to do six months’ home service, and then be sent back to . We had a good time in London on leave. The ns are very popular there.”

NEWCASTLE RECRUITINGRecruiting Headquarters, Newcastle, have been officially notified to raise a special bantam reinforcement unit of 150 recruits, whose height ranges from 5 feet to 5 feet 2 inches. It is expected that this will be a popular unit, and will fill quickly.

DISTRICT CASUALTIESPrivate Shilling. – Mrs. G. S. Shilling, of Frederick-street, Merewether, has been notified that her husband, Private G. S. (Jack) Shilling has been wounded.

LIEUTENANT VARLEYMrs. G. H. Varley, of Gordon-avenue, Hamilton, has been notified that Lieutenant A. S. Varley was transferred to the First Eastern General Hospital, Cambridge, England, suffering from severe gunshot wounds in face, hand and leg, accidentally caused.

35TH BATTALION FUNDThe whole-hearted and consistent way in which the supporters of the 35th Battalion Comforts Fund have worked was shown in the report of the year’s operations presented at the first annual meeting, held yesterday afternoon at the depot at Scott’s Limited. Mrs. Brent B. Rodd, president, occupied the chair, and there was a very large attendance. Mr. R. G. Shea apologised for the unavoidable absence of Mr. W. Scott, who, Mr. Shea said, was very pleased not only with the work that had been done, but with the manner in which it had been performed.

In the military committee’s report, presented by Mr. H. G. Morgan, treasurer, and citizens’ secretary, a letter was embodied from Major Rodd, in which he acknowledged receipt of cases, notified by the secretary from time to time, and thanks were expressed to the members of the fund for the gifts forwarded. In the same letter Major Rodd also gave an account of the receipts and expenditure of the military committee at the front.

Miss G. J. Short, the honorary secretary, in her report said:- “If the general public could find time and interest to step out of the lift into the top floor of Messrs. Scott’s Limited to the 35th Battalion depot on Monday and Thursday afternoons of each week, they would see from 25 to 30 ladies at work, and in addition a steady stream of women and girls coming and going all the time. Too much appreciation could not be given to the staunch band of regular workers at home and at the depot, who had kept things going from the start. Another branch of valuable helpers did steady work in their own homes, while groups and societies of women and girls worked in the district and suburbs in conjunction with the comforts fund, making up cut-out garments and knitting from wool supplied. It was an interesting fact that the youngest knitter was a girl seven years old and the oldest a man of 76 years. How did the soldiers themselves regard the work of the fund? One sentence written by a private on active service was sufficient:- “We always know we have something to fight for when we receive such fine gifts from such fine friends. We will never be able to repay you for all your kindness and your great work.”

A summary of the made articles sent away from the depot to the front to March 31st comprised the following:- 2277 pairs of socks, 1000 balaclava caps; 986 flannel shirts, 863 pairs of mittens, 630 pairs of underpants, 84 blanket vests, 916 handkerchiefs, 125 silk shirts, 100 washers, 263 pairs of calico shorts. Since the committee had been in office (May, 1916) they had sent from the depot 240 cases totalling in value £2035. That was inclusive of Christmas cheer (£299 5s 6d), and that did not include private parcels. In addition 10 cases of tobacco had been sent through Messrs. H. and O. Wills, of Sydney, for Christmas and Easter valued at £73. The reinforcements were not forgotten. A supply of’ tobacco, games, literature, and foods for on board ship had also been sent. Battalion flags were donated to the various reinforcements by the ladies of the Comforts Fund and by Mr. W. Scott. An organised effort was started in July and August to provide Christmas cheer for “Newcastle’s Own.” During the Christmas season spent in France, the battalion received 130 cases, valued at £540. From their many friends in Newcastle, the northern district, and Sydney, they received 495 Christmas puddings, 308 cakes, 1040 war chest boxes, five cases of n tobacco and cigarettes, and private and individual parcels.

ADAMSTOWNA company of cadets put in some musketry shooting at Adamstown range on Saturday. Evidently their windage was at fault, as the target shed on the right of the range bears several bullet marks, and the tank was perforated sufficiently by bullets to let the water out.

ENLISTMENTSLeonard Appleyard, Tighes Hill; Roland Thomas Bond, Newcastle; Leslie Carlton, Greta; William Cumming, Singleton; Thomas Meicklejohn Dickson, Scone; Vincent Donald Douglas, Cooks Hill; Dorothy Mary Feneley, West Maitland; Samuel John Hunt, Merriwa; Norman Betteloy Jefferson, Newcastle; Frank Burton Perks, Adamstown; Sydney Edward Smith, Cessnock; James Patrick Williams, West Maitland; Cecil Harold Wooden, Newcastle; Roy Yorke, Lorn.

DEATHSPte William Baillie, Cessnock; Pte Herbert George Compton, West Maitland; Pte Edward Bernard Corbett, Singleton; Pte Arthur Crampton, Cardiff; Pte Kenneth Daley, Stroud; Pte Edward Dixon Deas, Islington; Pte Frederick Albert Harris, Wickham; Pte Richard Hill, Aberdare; Pte James Augustus Hughes, Mosquito Island; Bdr William Kelly, Kurri Kurri; Pte James Loos, Upper Rouchel; Pte Robert Paton Lygoe, Hamilton; Pte John McInerney, Hinton; Pte Edward Musgrove, Stockton; Sgt Douglas Laurie Page, Main Creek; Pte Bert Poole, West Maitland; Pte William Roy Purvis, Denman; Pte William Ernest Steadman, Cessnock; Spr Sydney Thoroughgood, West Wallsend; Cpl Charles Russell Tonkin, Mayfield; Pte David Henry White, Dora Creek.

Hunter students relegate content heavy exam paper to ancient history

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Relieved: Sophie Carson wants to study secondary teaching, Charlie Ekin medicine and Emily Parkes physiotherapy. Picture: Simone De PeakHUNTER students say they feel “like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders” following the content-heavy Ancient History Higher School Certificate exam, which they said included questions similar to onesasked in past assessments.


Lambton High students Charlie Ekin, Sophie Carson and Emily Parkes, all 18, were among the 8378 across the state to sit the three hour paper on Tuesday.

“There’s so much content to learn that I’m relieved it’s over,” Emily said.

“It was a decent exam –it wasn’t easy, but it was a lot easier than last year’s exam.”

Related:Hunter students sprint to finish after Personal Development, Health and Physical Education examRelated:Hunter Higher School Certificate students say maths exam adds upRelated:Hunter students praised HSC English Paper 2 as “fair and kind to us”Related:Hunter Higher School Certificate students share verdict on English Paper 1Related:Hunter students out of the blocks for first Higher School Certificate examRelated:Higher School Certificate students urged to keep calm and try their bestSophie said she “surprised myself with what I knew and remembered when I got in there”.

“But I’m also very happy I never have to do it again.”

Charlie said there was also “a sense of pride we made it this far”.

“Our teachers were really supportive and we came in well prepared.”

The students said the first section, comprising multiple choice and short answer questions about their core study Pompeii and Herculaneum, was one of the hardest parts of the paper and “deceptive”.

Charlie said the last question was “ambiguous”, although Emily said this meant “there was a lot you could do with it”.

Sophie said a questionin the second section, about Spartan society, was “too specific” and Charlie said the questionswere “from a tough part of the syllabus”.

They were all “very happy” to see the questions in the third section –the girls studied Alexander the Great and Charlie focused on Akhenaten –and the fourth section, in which the girls wrote an essay on the Greek world from 500 to 440 BC and Charlie focused on New Kingdom Egypt from Amenhotep III to the death of Ramesses II.

“I was cheering internally,” Sophie said.

Antibiotic resistance on rise: UK doctors

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English health authorities are trying to reduce the growing resistance to antibiotics.Health officials in the UK are warning that medicine risks “going back to the dark ages” as it emerged that cases of some drug-resistant infections are on the rise.


Public Health England (PHE) has launched a new campaign warning people they could be putting themselves and their families at risk by taking antibiotic medication when the don’t need to.

It comes as a new report details that bloodstream infections caused by bugs resistant to one or more key antibiotics has risen by 35 per cent in just four years – from 12,250 in 2013 to 16,504 in 2017.

PHE has calculated that if antibiotics become ineffective then three million operations and cancer treatments would become life threatening.

Some surgeries and cancer treatments require antibiotics to prevent infections, including caesarean sections and hip or knee replacements.

England’s chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies warned that “without swift action to reduce infections, we are at risk of putting medicine back in the dark ages”.

PHE said that antibiotics are essential for treating serious bacterial infections but the drugs are frequently used to treat coughs, sore throats and ear aches – which usually get better without the medication.

But research suggests that more than a third (38 per cent) of people who seek medical care for a cough, flu or a throat, ear, sinus or chest infection expect to receive an antibiotic.

The health body’s latest campaign reminds people that if they are feeling unwell “antibiotics aren’t always needed”.

Meanwhile, the campaign also urges people to always adhere to a health professional’s advice on antibiotic use.

“It’s concerning that, in the not too distant future, we may see more cancer patients, mothers who’ve had caesareans and patients who’ve had other surgery facing life threatening situations if antibiotics fail to ward off infections,” said PHE’s medical director Professor Paul Cosford.

“We need to preserve antibiotics for when we really need them and we are calling on the public to join us in tackling antibiotic resistance by listening to your GP, pharmacist or nurse’s advice and only taking antibiotics when necessary.”

Plastic particles discovered in human poo

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Picture: ShutterstockEuropean researchers have found tiny particles of up to nine types of plastic in human poo from samples gathered around the world.


A study of human poo from around the world has found evidence of microscopic plastic particles swallowed in food.

In every sample investigated, scientists discovered tiny particles of up to nine different types of plastic.

Plastic in the gut could suppress the immune system and aid transmission of toxins and harmful bugs or viruses, experts believe.

Lead researcher Dr Philipp Schwabi, from the Medical University of Vienna in Austria, said: “Of particular concern is what this means to us, and especially patients with gastrointestinal diseases.

“While the highest plastic concentrations in animal studies have been found in the gut, the smallest microplastic particles are capable of entering the blood stream, lymphatic system and may even reach the liver.

“Now that we have first evidence for microplastics inside humans, we need further research to understand what this means for human health.”

The pilot study recruited eight participants from the UK, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Austria.

Each person kept a food diary for a week before having their stools samples.

The diaries showed that every participant was exposed to plastic by consuming plastic-wrapped food or drinking from plastic bottles. None were vegetarians, and six ate sea fish.

Particles between 50 and 500 micrometres across up to nine different plastics were found, the most common being polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

On average, the scientists found 20 microplastic particles in every 10 grams of stool.

It is estimated up to five per cent of all plastics produced end up in the sea.

Once in the oceans, plastics are consumed by sea animals and move up the food chain. Significant amounts of plastic have been detected in tuna, lobster and shrimp.

Food is also likely to be contaminated with plastic as a result of processing or packaging, say the researchers whose findings were presented at UEG Week, the largest meeting of gastroenetrology experts in Europe.


NSW hospital shooter had ‘mafia delusion’

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A man who held scissors to a doctor’s throat then grabbed a policeman’s gun in a Sydney hospital and started shooting believed the Russian mafia had forced his wife into prostitution, a judge has been told.


Michael de Guzman is on trial in Downing Centre District Court after pleading not guilty to 11 charges including shooting Police Sergeant Luke Warburton with intent to murder at Nepean Hospital in January 2016.

The dog squad officer testified on Tuesday he believed he was going to die and has had 14 surgeries on his leg.

De Guzman’s barrister, Sam Pararajasingham, said “there is no dispute as to the physical acts alleged by the Crown” but the charges would be defended on the grounds of mental illness.

In his opening address, crown prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC said de Guzman had suffered a mental illness for nearly four years prior to the events which involved “an increasing paranoia” that his wife was having affairs.

This then morphed into the Filipino man believing his wife had fallen prey to a criminal group, Mr Tedeschi said.

The Crown alleges de Guzman “had not engaged in any aggressive, violent acts in that time (and) his delusions and aggressions on the day in question would not have occurred but for his use of the drug ice”.

The 41-year-old was allegedly seen waving a walking stick above his head on a Colyton road and shouting “they’re all coming” before he assaulted responding police in a “furious struggle”.

He was later restrained by all four limbs to a hospital bed and under police guard before the decision was made to grant him bail and the restraints were removed, the prosecutor said.

De Guzman allegedly said: “I need to use a phone to call the federal prostitution hotline, the Russian mafia have my wife in a prostitution ring.”

He is then accused of asking a doctor to help with his bed before he grabbed her, dragged her to the ground and held scissors to her throat for more than 20 minutes.

Sgt Warburton was nearby in his vehicle and responded to the triple-zero call.

The officer twice deployed capsicum spray into de Guzman’s face and tried to push the scissors away.

“What ensued … was a furious melee,” Mr Tedeschi said.

De Guzman allegedly “took hold” of Sgt Warburton’s firearm and fired two shots, the first at close range above the officer’s pubic bone, severing his left femoral vein, and the second hitting a security officer in the leg.

Another guard suffered a shrapnel wound from a ricocheting bullet.

Senior Constable Tim Duffy grabbed the gun, which remained in de Guzman’s clutch, and blocked the slide of the Glock 22 with his finger to prevent further shots, the prosecutor said.

De Guzman then allegedly told one officer: “Your friend is dead. The policeman is dead. You’re all a part of it.”

“It was quite clear he was still well-affected by a drug,” Mr Tedeschi said.

The judge-alone trial before Judge Christopher Robison continues.

Ditch sugary drinks to help avoid cancer

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Almost 4000 cancer cases in in 2010 were linked to unhealthy weight.Ditch sugary drinks and slash the risk of developing 13 types of cancer.


That’s the message from the Cancer Council Victoria which launched a new awareness campaign on Tuesday in a bid to highlight the link between obesity and the devastating disease.

A third of Victorians admit drinking more than a litre of sugary drink a week, experts say, which could lead to the build up of dangerous toxic fat around internal organs.

Almost 4000 cancer cases in in 2010 were linked to unhealthy weight, while figures show children in Victoria are the most overweight and obese in the country.

Melbourne surgeon Ahmed Aly, who features in the campaign, said obesity is “the single most critical health issue of our time”.

“We want people to realise they could be drinking their way towards weight gain, obesity and toxic fat, increasing their risk of 13 types of cancer,” he said.

The campaign includes a graphic advert showing what toxic fat looks like inside a patient’s body.

Todd Harper, chief executive of Cancer Council Victoria, said the images “tell it as it is”.

“People deserve to know the truth, they deserve to understand the impact of unhealthy weight and its relationship with cancer,” he said.

Sugary drinks are the largest source of added sugar in the n diet, with each can of cola containing up to 10 teaspoons.

Fiona Humphreys, from Melbourne, used to drink two cans of sugary drinks every day but feels calmer and more productive since giving up seven years ago.

“I had no idea that they could give me cancer, I knew that sugary drinks were a big factor in obesity,” the 50-year-old said.

“By ditching them I lost 7kg in one year, obviously seeing those benefits made it easier to kick that habit.”

The campaign will run for five weeks and be broadcast on TV and radio in Victoria.

Wallsend MP Sonia Hornery to present a list of solutions to help improve Newcastle public transport patronage

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SOLUTIONS: Sonia Hornery has garnered a a list of transport suggestions. Picture: Dean OslandWALLSEND MP Sonia Hornery will outline a range of solutions to help improve public transport patronage in parliament this week after garnering hundreds ofconstituent suggestions.


Hornery called onNewcastleTransport operatorKeolis Downerlast week to listen to commuters’concerns in order to increase the use of public transport.

As part of the push she asked Wallsend voters what it would take to get them using the region’sbus network.

It came after theHeraldrevealeda 4 per cent fall in patronageacross July, August and September compared to the same quarter in2017.

“Since December 2016, we have heard how the government and Keolis Downer have listened to what the people of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie wanted and the changes made to our transport system have made it world class,” Ms Hornery said.

“Well the numbers paint a very different picture.


Keolis Downer says new bus network big step ahead for NewcastleLabor says Keolis Downer contract encourages shorter bus routesOpal data shows seniors dropping off Newcastle busesas overall numbers fall“When I have brought forward complaints about bus services in Wallsend they have been largely ignored.

“Now, furnished with specifics and hard comparisons, I ask the Minister to engage with these issues.”

Ms Hornery plans to submit her constituents’comments and suggestions to both Keolis Downer and the Minister for Transport, who she says she has peppered“all year” with concerns.

“Wallsend residents and commuters deserve better,” shesaid.“My Hunter colleagues and I have presented two petitions carrying 10,000 signatures for debate.

“I have given Notices of Motion, Questions on Notice and Private Members Statements on the matter.

“There were someminor changes to the network in July, and I happily admit that some of the alterations have been positive, but the horror stories from my constituents keep coming in.”

Kotara takes out champion fours final

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The final of the Champion of Champion Fours was played on Saturday, October 20, at Alder Park. Congratulations to Gerry Gairns, Scott Farley, Steve Kerby, Keiran Lott (Kotara) who defeated (Brad Dawson sub for PaulJoyce), Jaime Lee, Chris Holstein, Ryan Steel (Lambton) 15-14.


In the semi-finals, Lambton narrowly defeatedRaymond Terrace 19-18 while Kotara overcame East Maitland 23-13.

SERIES WRAPS UPThe 2018 Threes competition is almost over for 2018.

The competition recommenced on Wednesday, October 17, after rainthe week earlier.

Warners Bay (62) were defeated by Raymond Terrace (69) in a do-or-die game, with the only No.1grade unbeaten side left, Beresfield, getting the bye. Beresfield travels to Raymond Terrace on Wednesday, with Raymond Terrace needing to win to send the series into a decider.

The No.2 grade is also down to the final two sides, with Nelson Bay taking on Stockton at Nelson Bay for the Championship. No.3 grade still has 10 sides remaining.

FIRST COMPOn October 25 and 26 the inaugural Seniors Over-70s Interzone will be played at Club Grandviews Bowling Club in a round robin format.

Zone 2 (Newcastle) will compete against zones 9,10,13 and 15.

XMAS FUNCTIONThe association’s annual Executive, Sub-Committee and Delegates Christmas Night will be held at Wallsend Diggers onThursday, December 13.

The Newcastle Bowler of the Year, Encouragement Award, Coach of theYear, Senior Bowler of Year and Junior Bowler of the Year Award and Representative Player of the Year Award winnerswill be announced at the function.

EXEC FIXTUREThe annual NDBA v RNSWBA Executive and Sub-Committees fixture will be played on Sunday, November 25, atDora Creek Bowling Club.Any delegates or members of the executive or sub-committee who would like to play in the fixture are requested to contact the association office.

CITY DOMINANTCity has continued its winning ways in the City v Country series with a last-bowl win at Cabramatta Bowling Club.

Newcastle was well represented in the City v Country Under-18 series held at Cabramatta on October 20 and 21 by Connor Freeman and Zac Nicholls from Raymond Terrace in the (Under-18 Boys Gold), ZoeNicholls from Raymond Terrace (Under-18 Girls Gold), Caleb Mcdermott from Marks Point (Under-18 Boys Blue).

TheGold Girls side dominated, beating the Blue Girls 3-0, while the Blue Boys Side enjoyed a 2-1 seriesadvantage.The overall Under-18 Series was taken out by the Gold Side, two tests to one.

Bowls NSW thanks CabramattaBowling Club for hosting of the City v Country Series and for their support of the NSW Under-18 State Side.

Mumford AFL return doubt amid powder probe

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Grainy three-year-old footage has cast doubt on former premiership star Shane Mumford’s prospects of making an AFL comeback.


The AFL is investigating vision of the ex-GWS, Sydney and Geelong ruckman appearing to snort a white powder while encouraged by chanting on-lookers.

The Giants, his current employer, confirmed the shirtless man in the video was Mumford and said the 172-gamer has expressed deep remorse, embarrassment and distress over his actions.

“The club understands the incident took place in 2015 shortly after Shane had suffered a season-ending injury in round 11 that year,” a GWS statement read.

“The club is extremely distressed by the footage and views Shane’s actions as completely counter to the club’s values.”

The AFL is likely to punish Mumford, given what happened after similar incidents involving St Kilda defender Jake Carlisle and Fremantle player Harley Bennell.

If Mumford decides to attempt a comeback, the league could hand him a suspension of around two or three games.

News broke of the video on Tuesday morning and Mumford’s name was made public just as the AFLW draft was starting in Melbourne.

AFL executives, including chief executive Gillon McLachlan, quickly left the draft function without comment after the first round of selections.

Mumford, who won a premiership with Sydney in 2012, worked as a part-time ruck coach for GWS this season after being forced into retirement at the end of 2017 due to a serious navicular injury.

Outside of football, Mumford made his professional boxing debut this year under the management of former AFL player agent Ricky Nixon.

But the 32-year-old, whose foot has reportedly healed, was in-line for a possible shock AFL return next season to bolster the Giants’ ruck stocks following the loss of versatile tall Rory Lobb.

Giants football manager Wayne Campbell told The Age earlier this month Mumford’s potential second-coming was dependent on his fitness and desire.

GWS has indicated it intends to stick by Mumford but it’s unclear whether the revelation has sunk his push for a second stint in the AFL.

“The club is disappointed in Shane’s choice of actions at this time and also understands that Shane requires a level of medical support with his health and well-being in mind,” the statement said.

“The club will be working with Shane to ensure he engages in a rehabilitation program along with a range of other measures.”

Carlisle was banned for two matches after a Snapchat video of the defender filming himself snorting a substance was aired following his trade from Essendon to St Kilda in 2015.

Bennell, then at Gold Coast, was stood down for two games in 2015 after images were published of him with an illicit substance from two years earlier.

4 Janet Street, Merewether on large landholding close to the beach for sale

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‘Once in a lifetime’ Merewether property hits the market RARE OFFERING: This tightly held Merewether home sits on around 1400 square metres of land within 250 metres of the beach and ocean baths.


This tightly held Merewether home sits on around 1400 square metres of land within 250 metres of the beach and ocean baths.

This tightly held Merewether home sits on around 1400 square metres of land within 250 metres of the beach and ocean baths.

This tightly held Merewether home sits on around 1400 square metres of land within 250 metres of the beach and ocean baths.

This tightly held Merewether home sits on around 1400 square metres of land within 250 metres of the beach and ocean baths.

This tightly held Merewether home sits on around 1400 square metres of land within 250 metres of the beach and ocean baths.

TweetFacebook Merewether’s 4 Janet Street for sale +6facebookSHAREtwitterTWEETemailwhatsappMORE GALLERIES

123456 – A house which is positioned on two titles of land in a premier beachside location could result in the biggest sale for Merewether this year.

Mike Flook, of Robinson Property, has listed 4 Janet Street and will take the property to auction on site on December 1.

It has its first inspection scheduled for 1pm today and interest for the “once in a lifetime property” is expected to be strong.

A price guide has not yet been disclosed but the property offers a range of options for various types of buyers.

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“It’s one of those homes that never comes on the market,” Mr Flook said.

“It has a brilliant beachside position in Merewether’s golden triangle and is set over two separate lots, both being some 700 square metres in area.”

He said the property presented an opportunity to build a trophy residence, development of two separate luxury homes or up to eight townhouses, subject to council approval.

Last year Mr Flook sold107 Frederick Street, locatedclose by and featuring a house on 957 square metres of land overlooking the ocean, for $5.05 million.

This year he sold a near-new “high-end” residence at 30 Curry Street for $4 million, which has been the highest sale price for the suburb this year.

The home at 4 Janet Street was bought by the late Alan and Norma Taggart in 1969.

They were only the second owners of the property which was originally set up as the residence and surgery of a doctor.

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$1.895M auction result in Mitchell StreetThere were nine registered bidders and 13 bids before a home on the corner of Mitchell and Janet streets in Merewether sold under the hammer for $1.895 million on October 20.

The house at 111 Mitchell Street wasset on 579 square metres of land with a frontage of around 15 metres and hadan R2 Medium Density Residential zoning. Itattracted interest from owner-occupiers and developers.

It was marketed by Mike Flook with a price guide of $1.7 million.

HOT AUCTION: This home on a corner block in Merewether sold at auction for $1.895 million after 13 bids.

Sauna, ocean views in Rowan CrescentA guide of $2.6 million to $2.8 million has been added to a residence with ocean views in Merewether’s sought-after Rowan Crescent.

The property at 26A Rowan Crescent is being marketed by Robinson Property.

It is set on around 1000 square metres of land with uninterrupted city and coastal views.

This home in Rowan Crescent is set on around 1000 square metres of land with uninterrupted city and coastal views.

The five-bedroom, three-bathroom home was designed in the 1970s by John Sara and was extensively renovated in 2009.

The property enjoys an elevated position, set back from the road, which loops around Gibbs Brothers Oval.

This home in Rowan Crescent was designed by John Sara in the 1970s and renovated in recent years.

There are vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling glass, swimming pool, pool house and sauna plus a loft retreat.

PRDnationwide Newcastle and Lake Macquarie sold a renovated five-bedroom home at57Curry Street in Merewetheron October 17 for $2.6 million.

This home in Rowan Crescent comes with pool, pool house and its own sauna.

Weekend Planner: October 27-28, 2018

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SATURDAYReal Film Festival Saturday and Sunday. A celebration of film with workshops, films, panels, international industry experts, a creative hub and more.Tickets to all events are limited. For the entire program, including movie screenings, go to realfilmfestival成都桑拿.au. Films screening include Roll With It, Sharkwater Extinction, the n premiere of Badass Beauty Queen, Angels Gather Here, One Less God and Power Meri.


Open Air Cinema 4pm to 10pm, Speers Point Park. Bring a picnic blanket for a fun family night of entertainment, a jumping castle, food stalls, a petting zoo and the screening of comedy classic Cool Runnings. Part of the 2018 Real Film Festival and a fundraiser for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

Street Feast 4pm to 8pm, The Station, Newcastle. Food, entertainment, music and more.

Pugoween 11am to 1pm, The Empire Coffee Co, Honeysuckle. Pug owners, bring your pugs in costume.

Kurri Kurri Community Festival 2018 10am to 9pm, Rotary Park, Kurri Kurri. Watch The Greatest Showman on the big screen, plus enjoyentertainment, rides, food and market stalls, live music.

Clarence Town River Community Hoe Down Noon to 11pm, cornerDurham and Queen streets, Clarence Town. A family-friendly outdoor country music festival starring Sara Storer, The Adam Eckerlsey Band and Kirsty Lee Akers, plus markets and rides.

Wallsend Public School Fete10am to 2pm,26 Martindale Street, Wallsend.Entertainment, food and market stalls, raffles and rides.

The Hunter DisabilityExpo9am to 3pm,Newcastle Jockey Club, Broadmeadow.More than 100exhibiting service andproduct providers; presentations and speakers from government agencies and disability organisations; children’s entertainment and more.

Gravel Grit Laguna 8.30amstart at Great Northern Trading Post Laguna.70km gravel ride.

Pass The Hat 6pm to 10m, Singleton Civic Centre Front Lawn.Food trucks, market stalls, beer and wine tasting, live music and more to support farmers doing it tough. Representatives from Rural Aid, Hunter Local Land Services and the Rural Resilience Program will also be on hand to connect our farmers with the support services available to them.

October Poetry 3.30pm to 5.30pm,The Press Book House, 462 Hunter Street, Newcastle. Featuring poetsAli Whitelock, Jenny Blackford, Magdalena Ball and Georgina Woods.

Samhaim Festival 4pm to 10pm, Croatian Wickham Sports Club. A fundraising event to help dancers attend the Irish Open and World Championship Irish Dancing competitions. The evening will feature Irish music, dance and food. Tickets at stickyticket成都桑拿.au.

Central Hunter Business and Community Expo 9am to 3pm,Miller Park, 6 Maitland Street, Branxton.An event showcasing 105 local business and community services; there will also be food trucks, live music and a freeKids Zone.

Halloween Comic Fest 2018 10am to 2pm, Heroes and More, Wallsend.

FibreFest 2018 Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 4pm, Sisters of Mercy Convent, 30 Queen Street, Singleton. Workshops, knitting demonstrations, food and music.

Junior Bands in the Park9.30am to 11am, Warners Bay Foreshore Rotunda. The Newcastle PCYC Brass Band (Junior Band) and Catalina Brass will perform.

Mosque Open Day 10am to 4pm, Sultan Faith Mosque, Mayfield. Part of National Unity Week. Food, entertainment and children’s activities.

Newcastle Pro Wrestling –7thAnniversary 7.30pm, Charlestown Bowling Club.

Open Gardens & Art Trail Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 4pm. Visit 10 Lake Macquarie gardens over two days for $35, or $5 per garden. Organised by Lake Macquarie Garden Club to raise money for Hunter Medical Research Institute. All open gardens are located on both eastern and western sides of Lake Macquarie, from Marks Point to Jewells, Mt Hutton, Speers Point, Bolton Point, Toronto and Coal Point.

SUNDAYNewcastle Budgerigar Club Annual Bird Show and Sales 9.15am to 1pm, Wallsend Pioneer Hall, Cowper Street, Wallsend.

Tea4TROG High Tea 1pm to 3pm, Mercure Hotel, Charlestown. A fundraiser for TROG Cancer Research. Tickets$60 per person.

Lemon Jam Noon to 4pm,Henderson Park, on the waterfront, Lemon Tree Passage,free, all ages, monthly music event.

Newcastle Walk 4 Brain Cancer 9.30am to 12.30pm, The Gardens Greyhound and Sporting Complex. Fundraiser forCure Brain Cancer Foundation.

Seasons Plate at Dalwood Estate 12.30pm to 4pm, 700 Dalwood Road, Dalwood. Go tostickytickets成都桑拿.au to book.

All Breeds Dog Rescue Trivia Afternoon 2.30pm to 5.30pm, Raymond Terrace Bowling Club, Jacaranda Avenue, Raymond Terrace. Tickets $20 per person at stickytickets成都桑拿.au.

Maitland City Choir Annual Concert 2pm, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Brunswick Street, East Maitland.Cost $15; includes afternoon tea.

SportsFest 10am to 2pm, Speers Point Park. Hosted by the Hunter Academy of Sport, this free eventgives children the chance totry various drills, skill development, inflatable batting cages and hitting bays. There will also be a rock climbing wall andthe opportunity to have a kick with theNewcastle Jets W-league squad.

Kids Halloween & Baby Animals Party 3pm to 5pm, The Family Hotel, Maitland.Baby animals, face painting and balloon animals, games and prizes, a dress-up parade plus a spooky themedlunch and snacks.

SAVE THE DATEThe inaugural Newcastle International Short Film Festival is on November 16 and 17 at theRoyal Exchange Hybrid Theatre complex in Bolton Street, Newcastle. Details on the event’s Facebook page.

MARKETSSubject to cancellation at late notice due to weather conditions

Handmade in the Hunter “Halloween Hijinks” MarketsSaturday, 9am to 3pm, Kevin Sobels Wines, corner Broke and Halls roads, Pokolbin.

Lake Macquarie City Farmers Market Saturday, 7.30am to 1pm, Speers Point Park.

Hunter Wine Country MarketsSaturday, 9am to 3pm, De Bortoli Wines, 532 Wine Country Drive, Pokolbin.

Adamstown LionsMarketsSunday, 7am to 1pm, corner Brunker and Glebe roads, Adamstown.

Newcastle City Farmers MarketSunday, 7am to 1pm, Newcastle Showground, Broadmeadow.

Newcastle & Hunter Vietnam Veterans Inc. MarketSunday, 7am to 1pm, Wickham Park, Islington. New stall sites available. Phone Pat Burke 0413 333 165 for information.

Hope Estate Markets 9am to 2pm, Hope Estate, Pokolbin.

My Kids Market NSW Sunday, 9am to noon,Newcastle Basketball Stadium, Cnr Young and Curley Rds, Broadmeadow.

ARTS & CULTUREThe Creator Incubator Open Day, Saturday, 4pm to 8pm, Shed 15A, 50 Clyde Street, Hamilton North.

The Lock-Up The Sea, by Luke Cornish, until December 2. Tracks the artist’s journey and experiences during multiple trips to war-torn Syria.

Maitland Regional Museum’s exhibitionJourneys: Maitland is My Homeis on display Saturdays and Sundays, 10am to 3pm, at Brough House, Maitland, until the end of October.

Finite GalleryFound Horizons, by Painters Ink, ends Sunday.

Cooks Hill Galleries CHG Artists & Guest Mandy Bell, until November 26.

Watt Space GalleryLearning From Alice Springs, byUniversity of Newcastlearchitecture students and staff andTangentyere Design; The Mid Century Project Newcastle, byTim Ross and Kit Warhurst, until November 30.

Gallery 139Anzac Walk, by Paul Maher, until November 4.

Cessnock Regional Art GalleryRetroactive, by James Wittington, ends Sunday.

Maitland Regional Art GalleryPeace, Place, Prizes & Pictures In Between.Open House: 3rd Tamworth Textile Triennial;Nicola Bolton’s The Garden Palette, ends Sunday. Concerning Peace,until November 25. Finding Country, until February 17.

Newcastle Art GalleryThe !818 Project, until November 4.

Lake Macquarie City Art GallerySTEEL:artdesign architecture; Your Collection: Hunter Steel, until December 2.

Art Systems WickhamDrawn Together,by Susan Hall-Thompson and Ruth Chapman, ends Sunday.

Newcastle Studio Potters & Back to Back GalleryHarmony, by Anne Gazzard and Erica Sayers, until November 4.

Timeless TextilesCrossing Borders, ends Sunday.

Port Stephens Community Art CentreOur Wild World; Mosaics, until November 8.

MUSIC5 Sawyers Saturday, DJ Urby.Sunday, The New Cool.

Adamstown Uniting ChurchSunday, Adam Swanson & The Dizzy Fingers Ragtime Band.

Anchorage Port StephensSunday, Lachlan Edwards.

Anna Bay TavernSaturday, Wicked.Sunday, Mick Jones.

Argenton HotelSaturday, Katie & Feff.Sunday, Zane Penn Duo.

Argyle HouseSaturday, Halloween Party –Do Or Die.

Hotel CessnockSaturday, Outerphase.

Avon Valley InnSaturday, Steel City.

Bar PetiteSaturday, Kylie Jane.

Battlesticks BarSaturday,KJ & Dave.Sunday, Tim Rossington.

Bellbird HotelSunday, Tailgate Drive.

Belmont 16s Saturday, Peter Helliar & Tom Gleeson,Hummingbirds,Daniel Arvidson.Sunday, Scratch.

Belmore HotelSaturday, Alias.

Beresfield Bowling Club Saturday, Shooting Molly.Sunday, The Rattlesnakes.

The Bradford Saturday, Magic Carpet.

Bulahdelah Bowling ClubSaturday, Shivoo.

Cambridge Hotel Saturday, Velvet Elevator,Maple Moths,William John Jr,Fungas.

Cardiff RSL ClubSaturday,Damien.

Catho PubSaturday, John Larder.Sunday,Darren Rolling Keys Band.

Caves Beach Surf ClubSunday, Chad Shuttleworth.

Central Charlestown Leagues Club Saturday, Hayden Johns.

Central HotelStroudSaturday, Secret Society.

Cessnock Leagues ClubSaturday, Solid Gold Party Night with Dave Cochrane.

Club KotaraSaturday, Early Daze.

Club LemonTree Saturday, Mick Jones.

Colliery Inn Sunday, Karen O’Shea.

Commercial Hotel Morpeth Saturday, Allan Freihaut.

Crown & Anchor HotelSaturday, Just Jade,DJ Z4KLND.

Customs House Sunday, Todd Schmoo.

D’Albora MarinaSunday, Zane Penn.

Denman Hotel Sunday, Michael Bryers.

Dora Creek Workers ClubSunday, Justin Banks.

Duke Of Wellington Saturday, Redline.

East Cessnock Bowling ClubSaturday, DJ Cotton.

East Maitland Bowling Club Saturday,Voodoo Punch.Sunday,John Noble.

Eatons HotelSaturday, Emily Smith.

Edgeworth Bowling Club Sunday, Roxy.

Edgeworth Tavern Saturday, Bad Paris.

Exchange HotelSaturday, Saving June.Sunday, Anthology.

Gallipoli Legion ClubSunday,2GoodReasons.

Gateshead TavernSunday, Paparazzi.

George Tavern Saturday, Dos Eager.

Grain StoreSunday, J.J King

Gunyah HotelSaturday, Rocket.

Hamilton Station HotelSaturday,Perpetrators, The Meantime, Punctured. Sunday,Boots Porter,Lachlan X. Morris,Good Grief.

Hexham Bowling ClubSaturday, Iguana.

Honeysuckle Hotel Saturday, Mark Wells Trio.

Hunter River HotelSaturday, Loose Bazooka.

Iron Horse InnSaturday, Loko.

Jewells TavernSaturday, The Search Party.

Kent Hotel Saturday, Big Night Out. Sunday, Grant Walmsley & Friends.

Lass O’Gowrie Saturday,The Havelocks,Lachlan X. Morris,Bad Time Boys.Sunday,Sunday Rave.

Steve Balbi

Lizotte’s Saturday, Bondi Cigars. Sunday,Joseph and James Tawadros (lunch), Steve Balbi (dinner).

Lucky Hotel Saturday, Bobby C. Sunday, Brown Bear & Hooves.

Marks Point Bowling ClubSaturday, Catfish Soup.

Mary Ellen Hotel Saturday, Misbehave.Sunday, Ben Travis.

Maryland TavernSaturday, Something From Nothing – Foo Fighters Tribute.

Mattara HotelSaturday, Karen O’Shea.

Mavericks On The Bay Saturday, Robbie T. Sunday, Matt McLaren.

Mavericks On Darby Saturday, The DuoTones.

Mezz Bar at Wallsend Diggers Saturday, The Years.Sunday,Ashley Knight.

Morisset Country ClubSunday, Layth Gunn.

Murray’s BrewerySunday, Craig Thomson.

Nag’s Head Hotel Saturday, Pap & That.

Neath HotelSaturday, Jason Ray.

Nelson Bay Diggers Saturday, Dr. Zoom Duo.Sunday, Anyerin.

Nelson Bay Golf ClubSaturday, Matt Semmens.

Newcastle Cruising Yacht ClubSunday, Love That Hat.

Northern Star HotelSaturday, Rooney West.

Paxton Bowling ClubSaturday, Pete Gelzinnis.

Pelican RSL ClubSaturday, MardMax Trio.

Pippis At The PointSunday, Jordan Fleming.

Prince of Wales Hotel Saturday, Prestige Inc.

Queens Wharf Hotel Saturday, Love That Hat,Ryan Daley.Sunday,Loko,Wharf Life.

Royal Federal HotelBranxton Saturday, Evergreen.

Royal Hotel SingletonSunday, Jamie Martens Duo.

Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto Sunday, Maryanne Rex.

Rutherford HotelSaturday, Kristy James.

Seabreeze Hotel Saturday, Rebecca Johnson Band.

Settlers Arms HotelSunday, Sami Cooke.

Shenanigans at the Imperial Saturday, Zane Penn Duo.

Shoal Bay Country Club Saturday, Madelyn,NewBlackShades.Sunday,Holly Mae.

Shortland HotelSaturday, Brien McVernon.

Small Ballroom Saturday, Robbie Lowe.Sunday, No Fun At All (SWE),Wolfpack, Hack the Mainframe,No Quarter.

Stag and Hunter Hotel Saturday, James Van Cooper, Axle Whitehead. Sunday, Pop Standen.

Stockton Bowling Club Sunday, Karen & Milton.

Stockton RSLClubSaturday, Summerland Kings.

Swansea HotelSaturday, Sangue. Sunday, Crawfish Stew.

Swansea RSLClubSaturday, Maryanne Rex Duo.

Swansea-Belmont Surf Life Saving ClubSunday, Kylie Jane Duo.

Swansea Workers ClubSaturday, Craig Thommo.

Tea Gardens Country ClubSaturday, Siren.

Tea Gardens HotelSaturday, Kevin O’Hara.

Tilligerry RSL Saturday, Louis Burt.

Toronto WorkersSaturday, The Smarts.

Victoria Hotel HintonSaturday, Steve Werren.Sunday, Big Pete.

Wangi HotelSunday, Angie.

Warners At The Bay Saturday, Gen-R-8.

Wests CardiffSaturday, Cruzers.

Wests New Lambton Saturday,2GoodReasons.

Wests NEX Saturday, Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, Thy Art Is Murder; Phonic Trio.

Wickham Park Hotel Saturday, Pat Eyre Trio.Sunday, John Larder,Ride for Scotty – Raising Funds for HunterMelanoma Foundation,Steve Edmonds.

Windsor Castle HotelSaturday, Tom Christie.

THEATREDeanna The MusicalPremiere of a comedy musical by former Novocastrian Dee GatgensJohnson in which Deanna, Princess of NSW, tours in a song and dance act aimed atpromoting her royal family; cast includes Newcastle actors. Dee Johnson Entertainment &The Really Thoughtful Company, at the Royal Exchange, Newcastle. Saturday at8pm (final show).

Elf The Musical JrA young orphan mistakenly crawls into Santa’s bag of gifts and istreated as an elf at the North Pole, then promotes Christmas when he goes to New York; amusical for all ages. Young People’s Theatre, at its Hamilton theatre. Sunday at 2pm.

Life + Love: An Evening of SondheimSongs by composer and writer Stephen Sondheimfrom nine shows, includingInto the Woods,GypsyandWest Side Story, and performed byadult, high school and young singers. Young People’s Theatre, at Young People’s Theatre,Hamilton. Sunday at 6pm.

A Night with Gilbert &SullivanMaitland Musical Society presents classic songs from thebright and lively comic operas by the title pair. Hawks Nest Community Centre, Saturday, at7.30pm, Sunday, at 2pm.

MOVIES1%(MA)Set within the world of n motorcycle gangs,this modern day Macbeth follows Paddo, heir to the throne of the Copperheads MC who must assume the mantle whilst club leader Knuck does time in jail. (Tower)

A Simple Favour(M)A mummy blogger in a small town discovers her best friend has vanished.

A Star Is Born(M)A musician helps a young singer and actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.

An Interview With God(CTC)A journalist (Brendon Thwaites, The Giver) must interview a man claiming to be God (Oscar nominee David Strathairn) in this indie drama.

Back To Burgundy(M)Jean left his hometown 10 years ago. When his father falls ill, he comes back and reunites with his sister Juliette and his brother Jérémie. As seasons go by around their vineyard, they’ll have to trust each other again. (Lake Cinema)

Backtrack Boys(MA) In this Aussie doco, three boys are on a rocky path towards jail until they meet a rule-breaking jackaroo and join his legendary dog jumping team.

Bad Times at the El Royale(MA)Seven strangers, each with a secret to bury, meet at Lake Tahoe’s El Royale, a rundown hotel with a dark past.

Beautiful Boy(MA) Steve Carell is a father who watches his son (Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet, Call Me By Your Name) struggle with meth addiction.

Christopher Robin(G)A working-class family man, Christopher Robin, encounters his childhood friend Winnie-the-Pooh, who helps him to rediscover the joys of life.

Ghost Stories(CTC)In this British horror, a renowned sceptic investigates three ghostly supernatural incidents.

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween(PG)Halloween comes to life in a brand-new, family adventure comedy based on R.L. Stine’s 400-million-selling series of books.

Halloween(MA)Jamie Lee Curtis returns for the final confrontation with Michael Myers in the sequel to the classic horror, set 40 years after the first movie.

Hercules –Disney Villains Film Festival Saturday and Sunday, 10am, Event Cinemas Kotara.

First Man(M)A look at the life of the astronaut, Neil Armstrong, and the legendary space mission that led him to become the first man to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

In Like Flynn(MA)The biopic depicts Errol Flynn’s roust-about early life in .

Johnny English Strikes Again(PG)After a cyber-attack reveals the identity of all of the active undercover agents in Britain, Johnny English is forced to come out of retirement to find the mastermind hacker. (Lake Cinema)

Ladies In Black(PG)Set in the summer of 1959, when the impact of European migration and the rise of women’s liberation is about to change forever, a shy schoolgirl takes a summer job at the prestigious Sydney department store, Goode’s.

Night School(M)A group of troublemakers are forced to attend night school in hope that they’ll pass the GED exam to finish high school.

On Chesil Beach(M)In 1962 England, a young couple finds their idyllic romance colliding with issues of sexual freedom and societal pressure, leading to an awkward and fateful wedding night.(Lake Cinema)

Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups(G)When their latest scheme goes awry, Mayor Humdinger and his nephew Harold accidentally divert a meteor towards Adventure Bay.

Smallfoot(G)A Yeti is convinced that the elusive creatures known as “humans”really do exist.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls(PG)Lewis, an orphan, is sent to live with his Uncle Jonathan in a creaky old house.

The Nun(MA)A priest with a haunted past and a novitiate on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate the death of a young nun in Romania.

The Seagull(M)A heartbreaking and funny story of friends and lovers, all of whom are in love with the wrong person.

The Wife(M)A wife questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm with her husband, where he is slated to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Twilight –10thAnniversary Special 4pm, Event Cinemas Kotara.