ADVERTISING FEATURE: Obesity surgery transforms lives

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BEFORE AND AFTER: Gastric sleeve patient Amanda Crowther, left, weighing 215kg in 2015 and now tipping the scales at 98kg.
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The transformative nature of surgery should never be underestimated by those wrestling with the irrational thought processes of obesity.

Sufferers often realise that over-eatingis irrational in itself, that they are lowering their quality of life and quite literally eating themselves to death.

Diets and exercise have often been tried and failed, and yet even whensurgical intervention is appropriate there are irrational fears, according to Dr Tim Wright, from Eastern Surgical Services.

“They fear it won’t work, that it’s high risk, or that they are going to fail, or that they won’t be able to justify the procedure to family and friends,” Dr Wright said.

”All irrational thoughts, because the truth is that when they lose the kilos, they have a completely different life.

“They can do things they never could do before, their self esteem goes through the roof, they say it’s been a life-saver and should have done it sooner.”

Amanda Crowther struggled with her weight all her life and by the time she attended one of Dr Wright’s monthly obesity surgery seminars, she weighed 215kg.

The seminar gave an opportunity to ask questions about what to expect, the risks involved and the likely outcomes.

“Dr Wright’s passion and compassion for those attending was clear,” Amanda said.

“There was no judgement, just a recognition that there was a problem and there was an answer.”

Amanda committed to gastric sleeving. As part of the process, she joined a health fund and embarked on a period of fasting in order to shrink her liver and reduce the chance of complications in surgery.

By the time the keyhole surgery was performed, on May 17, 2016, she weighed155kg. Twelve months down the track on her “sleeve-aversary” she’s tipping the scales at 98kg.

The emotional and physical transformation has been huge and she is literally jumping into her future with enthusiasm.

“I’m being the mum to my kids I never could be before,” she said.

“I can get off the couch now, I’m exercising and when I lose a couple more kilos, I’m going to do sky diving and base jumping.”

The key to commitment for Amanda was the information she got about the procedure at Dr Wright’s seminars.

”Having the surgery is not cheating,” Amandasays of yet another irrational fear regarding the procedure. “It has been lifesaving and I am so pleased I had it.”

Dr Wright urges anyone like Amanda to come along to one of his seminars and get informed.

“The fact is if you are in a health fund, then for the cost of a cheap second hand car you can achieve long term results you might have thought were beyond you,” Dr Wright said.

“And it is possible you can claim all out of pocket expenses back from your super fund.”

Keen to pass on the benefit of her experience, Amanda will be the guest speaker at the next seminar, at Rutherford Bowling Club, on May 24.

If you would like more information, ring Eastern Surgical Services on4032 8777.

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