John Laws hits back at 2DayFM host Em Rusciano

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Radio veteran John Laws has hit back, in a private letter, at 2Day FM host Em Rusciano’s criticism of his earlier comments about female co-workers.

Rusciano read the letter from Laws live on air on her show, Em Rusciano Show with Harley Breen, on Wednesday morning.

The letter ended “P.S. By the way, who are you?”

During an interview with Steve Price on The Project on Monday, Laws, who now broadcasts on 2SM, said he liked his female co-workers to “look feminine”.

Rusciano roasted Laws on her show on Tuesday, calling him an “irrelevant, sexist, misogynist idiot”.

On Tuesday, she told Fairfax Media: “In 2017, the fact a broadcaster could sit on national television and unashamedly pronounce that all the women in his office wear short skirts and he liked to look at them [is infuriating].”

During her on-air smackdown, Rusciano referred to Laws, 81, as a “glamorous corpse” and offered to appear as a guest on his show, saying she would turn up in a “three-piece suit and smoke a cigar”.

Laws turned down the invitation in his typed letter, which Rusciano also posted on Facebook.

“M (I hope I have spelt that correctly),” his letter began.

“I have been told about the phone call from your very charming producer Kim but I don’t know what you want.

“I can tell you what I don’t want, and that is to have some strange woman who I don’t know and probably don’t want to know, wander into my studio in a three-piece suit and smoking a cigar.

“Dear dear dear, you are a funny little person,” the letter continued.

“I don’t know what the future holds for you, but I do know it won’t include a so-called ‘irrelevant, sexist, misogynist idiot who shouldn’t be on air’.”

The letter, as Rusciano gleefully explained, was signed by Laws in green texta.

Rusciano was thrilled with Laws’ response.

“This is the most amazing letter I’ve ever received … I’m gonna be pen pals with John Laws, this is so exciting,” she joked, before extending an olive branch to the host.

“You are welcome on this show anytime,” she said, even offering Laws a job covering their gossip segment.

“But only if you wear a skirt,” Breen added.

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