Wil Anderson on how to find humour in a post-truth world

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Finding humour in a “post truth” world where politicians write their own scriptsis challengingbut Wil Anderson has a formula.

It involves a little critical thinking.

“We have come to the point where we had Tony Abbottand now we have Donald Trump and it’s become ridiculous to the point where you’re like well, how can I make this funnier?,” Andersonasks Weekender.

“I mean, theleader of the free world said climate change was a plot by the Chinese to take over the world. He actually said that out loud. How do you make that funnier or more ridiculous?

“So that was one of the issues I faced with this show. I needed to talk about the world of Trump but I didn’t want to talk about Trump. For me it was about moving away from talking about personalities. It’s a bigger challenge but it leads to much more rewarding material.”

Andersonavoids mentioning politicians’ names in a show he describes as “incredibly political” and instead, talks about issues joke-worthy politicians are for and against.

“Imade that choice becausesome have now become so ridiculous and so unhinged to facts and reality that playing them in their environment was counterproductive to comedy,” he explains.

“For example,rather than me talking about how Pauline Hanson is an idiot because she doesn’t believe in vaccines, insteadwrite a routine about why I think people don’t believe about vaccines. Believe me, anti-vaxxers get a good run in my show.”

Anderson doesn’t set out to offend. And if his comedy is in any wayprovocative, the intention is to provoke thought and discussion rather than anger.

“I’m the sort of person who can read all the reviews and all the online comments,” Anderson explains.

“I’m aware that some of the things I say do shock and offend people but I never sit down to write thinking that I want to shock and offend people. I’m just saying what I think and not everyone agrees.”

Anderson has a list of puns based on his name and chooses one at random, months before writing his routine,to be the title of an upcoming tour. Critically Wil, funnily enough,ended up being spot on.

“The show is critical. We’ve gottento a point where we are believing what we want to believe rather than relying on facts. This is a post-truth, alternative-facts world,” he explains.

Wil AndersonCatch Wil Anderson at Nelson Bay Diggers on June 2 andBelmont 16s on June 3.

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